Restorative Window Cleaning/Hard Water Stain Removal

Restorative Window Cleaning Hard water Stain Removal

·      sprinkler/irrigation stains on exterior windows
·      shower glass restoration and sealing
·      automotive glass
·      marine glass
·      scratched glass and acid etch graffiti repair
·      nanotechnology protective coatings - minimizes future staining and keeps glass cleaner longer!
Don't Replace --- Save $$ and let us Restore it!
"Our Property Management Co. has been using Supreme steam 360 since 2001.  The windows they clean are always spotless.  Jason’s crew is very dependable and detail-oriented.  We use Sparkling Clean Windows for pressure washing of buildings in addition to window cleaning on single-family homes, apartment complexes, office, and medical buildings. They have been able to remove hard water spots from windows saving the cost of glass replacement.  I highly recommend Jason and his crew.  We are extremely happy with their work."
Sylvia Erickson, Broker/Owner/Property Manager
What causes hard water stains?
The lack of a regular maintenance program allows minerals and chemicals to etch or build up on the glass surface and in some cases cause severe damage. This condition can be caused by a number of reasons including but not limited to, sprinkler systems over spray (most common), water run off from building design (leaching), condensation and improper chemical application from prior attempts to remove the stains. The cost of stain removal is much less than the cost of glass replacement .
Minor to average stain removal starts @ $10/pane (on top of the standard cleaning cost). We can restore most windows and shower door glass to an "as new" condition for around 10% - 20% of replacement costs.
Sometimes it is not possible to discover the full extent of damage or determine the exact price of removal until a Standard Cleaning is performed by a us and viewed by you, the customer. We will gladly give you a free estimate and possibly do a demo if needed on severe stains.

Glass Restoration & Major Hard Water Stain Removal
Daily exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, misdirected sprinkler heads, pre-cast leaching and run-off, metal oxidation, glazing breakdown, acid rain, and other environmental pollutants can leave damaging deposits on glass and window frames. If addressed soon enough, many of these deposits can be removed with relative ease (usually by hand) and rather inexpensively as compared to the cost of an extensive glass restoration project. This is because the stains are on the surface of the glass. Left untreated, however, these deposits will eventually chemically bond with the glass, requiring removal of its top layer in order to restore the glass to an acceptable condition. This process (usually a combination of chemicals and high-speed buffers) can be quite labor-intensive, and is more expensive than standard stain removal.

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